What does CSC offer?

We run Alpine Race, Bairns (U12) and Freeride training throughout the year. We have a core winter programme over 10 weekends, but support this with a Summer and Autumn dry slope programme, October on-snow Camp and trips to Snowfactor indoor snowdome just outside Glasgow.

We also offer an Alpine programme directed towards trainees with additional needs, with smaller coach/trainee ratios and more appropriate training programmes.

Where do you train?

Our main training base is Cairngorm Mountain, but we will travel depending on snow and weather conditions to other resorts. We use Glenmore Lodge dry slope and Badaguish Outdoor Centre for our off-snow training. We try to run a European Camp in October and use Braehead for single and multi day training in the summer and autumn months.

How do I join and book on to a programme or event?

Our members portal is on WebCollect where you can join the Club and book onto any of our programmes or one-off events and social activities. Our membership runs from 1 September to 31 August.

Do I need to be a member to book on any activities?

We encourage everyone to join the Club. Membership is excellent value, including insurance, training discounts and other benefits. However we understand that some folk might like to come to a training session or two before joining which is fine… We are confident you will join after these!

How old do you have to be to ski with the Club?

Our training programmes have different age limits. The Dry Slope programmes start at 6 years old for Bairns, 12+ for Alpine and 10+ for Freeriders

The age categories for the Winter programme is 8-12 Bairns, 12+ Alpine, 16+ Senior Squad and 10+ Freeriders.

What level skier do you have to be?

We ask that all skiers can ski to a minimum plough parallel level and be able to use most of the lifts on Cairngorm Mountain independently. Please check out our ability levels for Bairns here

What qualifications do your coaches hold?

We only use fully qualified coaches either through BASI (British Association of Snowsport Instructors) or Snowsport Scotland and are very proud of our exceptional coaching team. They bring a wealth of technical ski teaching/ coaching knowledge and hold qualifications in many other sports that support our off-snow training. Please have a look at the Meet the Coaches page for further info.

What do I need for the Winter programme?

You need your own skis, boots and poles, appropriate ski clothing and gloves, and a helmet. You also need a season pass for Cairngorm Mountain.

How do I get a season pass and when should I buy it?

Season passes are sold by Cairngorm Mountain. We strongly advise members to buy their passes at the Early Bird rate before the end of October. This season (2022) they suspended season pass sales early December, so please don’t leave it till the last minute as you might miss out!

What if I can’t make a training session? Do I get a refund?

Usually no. As we are sure you are aware the club is run by volunteers and our training programme is heavily subsidised by the fundraising activities of the club. We employ some of the best quality coaches, and in order to attract quality coaches, we need to offer them secure employment. We, therefore, operate on the basis that if we train (on snow or dry land) you pay unless prior agreement is obtained from the Coaching Trustee.

What if there is not enough snow or we cannot access snow due to weather conditions?

We will always try and train on snow on Cairngorm Mountain but sometimes this is just not possible. Sometimes we will jump over to to another Ski Centre, (usually the Lecht) if the conditions are better elsewhere. You will need to arrange your own travel and buy a day pass at the Centre.

If there is no alternative, we will always put on fun dry land training (fitness, MTB, Avalanche training etc) and ski sessions on the dry mat at Glenmore Lodge. No refunds are given if you miss any dry land sessions.

I cannot commit to the whole core programme, can I pick and choose dates?

Sadly no. It is very difficult to plan groups and coaches, and subsidise the core programme if we don’t have the commitment from our members. In exceptional circumstances, please contact our Coaching Trustee if you wish to discuss this further.

How do I complain?

We like to get it right all the time, but sometimes there’s a hiccup! If you have an issue with any part of the Club, please come and chat to us as soon as possible so we can resolve it.

If its a Coaching related issue, please approach either you coach or Helen Holliday, head coach. If this is not possible please contact our Coaching Trustee.

If its a membership related issue, our Secretary will be able to help.

Who runs the Club?

We are a Scottish charity (SCO 47401) run by a group of passionate skiers, who donate their time and expertise on a Board of Trustees. We are always looking for enthusiastic people to support the Club, so if you are interested please contact our chair@cairngormskiclub.co.uk

The Trustees are supported the coaching team, led by our Helen Holliday headcoach@cairngormskiclub.co.uk