Core programme


  • All mountain Bairns programme for 8-12’s , our Race and Pro-Ski (including Freestyle) options for over 12’s and Seniors for over 16’s
  • All training split into two five week blocks to help manage costs. First block starts 16th/17th January 2021 and second block starts 20th/21st February
  • Excellent Value – £110 per 5-week block for one day per week, or £200 for a 5-week block for both Saturday and Sunday per week.
  • Fantastic Line Up of Coaches
  • Typically, 8.30am – 3.30pm but always weather dependent
  • All training communication will be on the Club’s Members Facebook page
  • Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible, so we are introducing a programme for Winter 2021 to support skiers with additional needs. By introducing smaller groups (1:4 coach trainee ratio), we are able to get to know the individuals, appreciate their needs and adapt the coaching programme and environment. Children must already be able to ski to plough parallel level.  Please contact Amanda Shepherd, our Development Officer,  to enquire about availability this season.


Our Bairns programme (ages 8-12) is designed to introduce enthusiastic young skiers into a training and team environment, while developing FUNdemental skills and technique in all areas of skiing.  This enables them to make that smooth transition into the senior programmes and continue to foster their love of skiing.

Bairns must be able to ski minimum plough parallel, and independent of a coach in an area that they are familiar with, and with others in the same group, for example lapping the Cas or the Ciste depending on level and snow conditions.

The coaching ethos is about developing all mountain skills in a fun and relaxed environment and although we do not specifically focus on race training at this stage, we do encourage trainees to take part in fun (and usually local) competitions.

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Led by Dave Jacobs, the U16 and U14 programmes will incorporate an all-mountain blend of race and freeride, and even touring if conditions allow.

The Club has a racing background and we would naturally be challenging our Trainees in brush, stubby and full gate courses. However, there will be plenty of opportunity to develop technical skills in a freeride environment through drills and free skiing with regular coach feedback and video analysis.

Ability level; All trainees must be confident skiing all runs on Cairngorm and The Lecht and happy using all uplift independently.


Led by Craig Lamont, a Qualified Alpine Level 3 Head Performance Coach, this squad has been developed for those trainees aged 16 + (with no upper age limit) and who wish to continue race training in a more mature environment.   It has been created for those who are keen to participate and want to improve, not just for high performers.   The focus is on technical skill improvement to progress performance in FIS standard slalom and GS training and race courses.

It is aimed at those wishing to continue racing, or who may wish to become coaches or ski instructors themselves.  Additional skills such as technical analysis, coaching delivery and learning how to set courses will form part of the coaching day.   The Squad will train in CSC’s coaching programme on Saturdays, then squad members will have free access to Craig’s Training Facility FIS courses on Sundays.


The PRO-SKI programme encourages creativity and adventure in our trainees, spending much of the time exploring the mountain, finding natural hits especially after fresh snowfalls, and riding the boxes and jumps in the park.  It’s not all play though as we would be working on the FUNdementals of good body management, balance and steering, that are necessary to develop freeride skills in a safe and managed environment.

Our PRO-SKI programme will offer pathways to professional career development in Snowsports with opportunities to train and compete in Freestyle (Park & Pipe) and Freeride, and work towards Instructor and Coaching qualifications

Freeride options will be led by Dave Jacobs and Roddy Hamilton and an exciting line-up of guest coaches. We are planning to run a home freestyle camp during the Easter Break and to source specialist coaches throughout the season.




Trainees will be allocated to their coaches by e-mail on the Thursday evening prior to each training weekend.


On arrival at Cairngorm trainees should register with their respective coaches by the CSC Flags at the old Ski School meeting point below the bridge and behind the Day Lodge (See Map).

Trainees must be ready to ski and have lift passes, lunch bags and wearing CSC Jackets. Each training group will then remain in their own coaching bubble for the rest of the day.

Bairn’s groups meet at 8.30 am; Alpine and Pro-Ski groups at 9 am. Adult groups immediately afterwards.


Lunches for Bairn’s will be held at staggered times at the Shieling. Parents are requested not to meet their children for these lunch sessions.

Lunches for Pro-ski and Alpine Groups will be held at staggered times in the Shieling. Parents are requested not to meet their children for these lunch sessions.  Trainees over 12 must practice social distancing whilst in the Shieling.

We have exclusive use of the Shieling on the understanding that we clean and disinfect after each use. There will be a rota for club members to do this.

Drop off:

Coaches will return the trainees to the original pick-up points. Adult groups 2.45 pm; Bairns at 3 pm; Older Groups 3.30pm.


In the case that no indoor facilities are available during the day, parents who are not skiing or do not intend to remain in the immediate vicinity will be required to notify the club in advance (through Webcollect) and indicate how they would wish for their child to be transported should the mountain close early or in the event of an accident. They must be contactable all day, be within a short drive away and preferably also have a secondary emergency contact person on the hill.

EQUIPMENT – Please ensure that all equipment fits and is in good shape prior to training (sounds like an obvious one but we have had folks turn up to find that boots don’t fit any more and spend the morning in Ski Hire).


CLOTHING – It can be bitterly cold so please ensure all athletes are appropriately dressed for the conditions. Lots of layers. Ski Club Jackets are strongly encouraged for team identity.

PACKED LUNCH & BACK PACK – Packed lunches (and anything else that will be required for the day) will be taken out with trainees in the morning. When conditions allow we will use the Shieling at the mid station as a base for the day and generally to eat lunch.

BAD WEATHER – It does happen that on occasion the mountain will be closed due to bad weather. We will either transfer training to the Lecht or provide dry-land training alternatives (typically at Glenmore Lodge). Announcements regarding these will be made as soon as we can on our
Facebook Pages ‘Cairngorm Ski Club’ and ‘Cairngorm Ski Club – Members Group’ and be pinned to the top of these pages. We will endeavour to make a decision about the following weekend’s training by Thursday evening although sometimes we may have to change plans on the morning of training.

COMMUNICATION – We will endeavour to make a decision about the following weekends training using weather forecasts on Thursday evening. The main forecasts we use are Mountain Weather Information Service   and for longer-term forecasts If the forecast is marginal we will delay the decision until Friday or, in a worst-case scenario, even very early Saturday or Sunday morning. Updates will be posted on the club Facebook Page.

FEEDBACK – The coaches will endeavour to speak with each parent at the end of each session to offer feedback. Please feel free to approach the coach or Coaching Trustee for feedback at anytime. If you wish to discuss any other aspect of the programme or the club at anytime please also feel free to speak with either myself, any coach or any other committee member. The most important thing to us is that our trainees have fun so if there is a problem please tell us and we will do our best to fix it.

VIDEO ANALYSIS & PHOTOGRAPHY – We will again use video analysis, we propose to publish these for athletes and parents to review on youtube with links from our Facebook page and website. The videos will not be private but will be “unlisted” so you will only be able to find them if you have the link or from our channel. Also we will take photographs of athletes whilst training and those who medal at events etc. for our own purposes and for the purposes of promoting the club. If you have any objection to any of this then please let us know by writing to

TRAINING FEES As we are sure you are aware the club is run by volunteers and employs some of the best quality coaches. Our training programme is heavily subsidised by the fundraising activities of the club (normally to the tune of between £3,000 and £8,000 per year). In order to attract quality coaches, we need to offer them secure employment. We, therefore, operate on the basis that if we train (on snow or dry land) you pay unless prior agreement is obtained from the Coaching Trustee (myself). Please also contact me in the event of injury or illness. If an athlete is not to attend training for any reason then it would be great if you would let us know so we are not waiting or looking out for them, however, you would still be expected to pay for the session.

If you have any queries please drop me an email and I will be happy to reply or give you a call.

Angus Ritchie

Coaching Trustee